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Maintenance or servicing entails cleaning of filters and coils if necessary, thereby ensuring optimal heat transfer on coils which will optimize performance of the a/c unit this in turn if done regularly enough (recommended at least once every 6 months) will not only improve performance it will also in turn save on power consumption as the unit will not have to work longer and harder to reach set point. 

It may be necessary to clean the barrel fan on the a/c unit from time to time to ensure adequate air flow.

Servicing however, does not include repairs (these will be quoted for separately) but if done frequently enough will help us to monitor the performance of the machine  and thereby possibly prevent expensive break downs and down time.

However, some things cannot be predicted for example electrical failures or power surges.

Servicing will however  not prevent normal wear and tear issues with the a/c unit, however, if done regularly enough it will prolong the life span of your unit and ensure optimal efficiency. 

Servicing will not remedy a unit that is already damaged or needs spares replaced

Servicing should be carried out every 3 to 6 months 

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