JM Chandler & Co. (Pty)Ltd t/a

JMC - Airconditioning

Reg No: 2013/002696/07

VAT No:4100280058

Samsung Accredited

JMC Airconditioning has been running successfully for over 6 years now and has only done so because we pride ourselves on our excellent work ethic, excellent service and impressivefinal product.


We started as a result of our last company closing down and us believing we could provide a better service under our own power. We like to think that we are one of the best out there and our testimonials speak for themselves. We always leave with happy customers and our friendly staff are sure to meet any requirement you might have.


We are in the business of helping people to the best of out ability. Each job has it's challenges and every quote is worked out to provide the customer with satisfactory solutions. People are struggling in our country today and we take that into account with every job as well. There will never be a time when our company does not offer a discount. We make it as easy as possible for you to get what you want without paying an arm and a leg for it and it shows that we have your best interests at heart, unlike most air conditioning companies these days. Our entire business plan is based on customer satisfaction and that's exactly what we achieve on a day to day basis. We are proud to be small enough to pay individual attention to customers but also are more than capable of undertaking commercial projects as we are accredited to handle VRV systems.


In our 6 years of business, we probably have the lowest rate of comebacks on all of our jobs, from installations to repairs. This says that our quality of work is one of the best out there. We have even been contacted for jobs overseas as our service we provide vs the prices we charge is very competitive and difficult to turn away. 


JMC Air Conditioning - The coolest guys in the business.


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